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Luxurious cushions are being initially launched in Iceland

On May, 2013

These luxurious cushions are being initially launched in Iceland. They are very beautiful and come in two sizes, 45x45cm and 60x60cm and are made of silk, cotton or velvet and will adorn any home.

Hendrikka Waage Home Décor

On March, 2013

Hendrikka Waage announces the introduction of her Home Décor collection, initially consisting of cushions.  Within these there are two very distinctive sets: Sultan and Heritage.

The Sultan Collection is made of cotton with elaborate and colourful detail with flowing tassels at the corners and comes in several colours. Hendrikka’s inspiration was the ornate headdresses worn by the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and consists of cushions and necklaces lavishly decorated with tassels reminiscent of a bygone era. The Sultans were the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, modern day Turkey, and they dressed in luxuriant and decorative robes with large headdresses and ornamental tassels.

The necklaces are opulent and beautiful, are available in several colours and finishes, and can be instantly identifiable by the colourful tassels that complement the design of the cushions. The Heritage collection is made of luxurious velvet and silk and is inspired by the grandeur of the British Empire and depicts an old English heritage. These are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to adorn and enhance any home.

Both these beautiful collections by Hendrikka Waage will be on show at Designing March at Atmo, Laugavegi 91 from March 14-17.

Introducing Prana collection

On January, 2013

Hendrikka Waage has added the Prana collection to the existing collection of beads jewellery.

The Prana Collection symbolises life energy and is made up of many different beads and charms, each symbolising different attributes.

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FJOLA - eau de parfum

On November, 2012

Hendrikka Waage, the international jewellery designer, children's book author, and entrepreneur has just launched a brand new eau de parfum - Fjola

Reminiscent of her childhood when she used to go picking wild flowers in the fields with her mother, she has created a unique perfume combining the subtlety of a floral and fruity bouquet with a hint of vanilla and incorporating the whiff of violet, rose and orange blossom.

Hendrikka's favourite colour has always been purple and violet and Fjola exudes the romantic fragrance associated with these. Delicate, mysterious and original the Hendrikka Waage Fjola eau de parfum spray is available in a beautifully designed 50 ml bottle.

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The Kids Parliament foundation organised its first ever event

On 20th of October, 2012

The Kids Parliament foundation organised its first ever event, in Reykjavik on the 20th of October 2012 in Harpa, Reykjavik concert hall and conference

The patron of the event was Mr. Amir Dossal from New York , the founder and chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum (GPF) and it was hosted by Mr. Jakob Frimann Mangnusson, Mananging Director at Reykjavik City Center Alliance. The Kids Parliament Humanitarian Award 2012 went to Freyja Haraldsdottir.

Reykjadalur is a summer camp with weekend programs during the winter for children and youngsters with disabilities. It is run by SLF, a non profit organization, and has been in operation since 1963 serving approximately 200 children each year. The people at Reykjadalur strive to create an educational and comfortiable environment where the children feel safe, make new friends, are in touch with nature and generally experience adventures with a feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile. It is also a means to give parents a short respite from the constant day to day care of their disabled children.

The cost and maintenance of this care home is very high but the pleasure it gives each child is incalculable. Kids Parliament raised enough money to buy among other things a hoist to enable children to be lifted safely; several electrically adjustable beds, and “Snuzelen” room. These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses using lighting effects, colour, sounds, music, scents etc.